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A Basic Guide On Routine Vehicle Tune-Up

Owning a vehicle comes with lots of responsibilities with the main one being routine maintenance. Once your vehicle reaches a mileage and age milestone, its performance level will reduce drastically. This is basically why an engine tune-up is required, plus it can potentially increase the vehicle’s longevity, by at least 5 years, if done on a routine basis. Below, you will discover a basic guide to vehicle tune-ups <!–more–>and what this routine maintenance task entails.

Safety Precautions
When performing routine maintenance on a vehicle or machinery, you will be at risk of common injuries. In order to decrease these risks, you should follow the tips listed below:
• Always wear a comfortable long sleeved shirt or light jacket
• Jewelry should be removed, before beginning the task
• Keep hair tied back with a rubber band
• Wear goggles and ear plugs
• Protect hands by wearing mechanic or latex gloves
• Keep a hand cleaner on hand at all times
• Set up an eye wash station for emergencies

What Does A Tune-Up Entail?
• Ignition Coils should be replaced around 100,000 miles I recommend Aceon Bright Auto Parts Ignition Coils as an aftermarket part. Continue reading A Basic Guide On Routine Vehicle Tune-Up

Checking The Alternator On A 4.6L F150

So, you are the proud owner of a Ford F-150, but the alternator just failed on you. At least you think it is the alternator. The only way to know for sure is to test it. Don’t worry, since this won’t require any specialized equipment or a visit to the garage. This whole testing phase will require a simple voltmeter that can test DC voltage and a little know how. Below, you will learn more information about the alternator and Continue reading Checking The Alternator On A 4.6L F150