A Basic Guide On Routine Vehicle Tune-Up

Owning a vehicle comes with lots of responsibilities with the main one being routine maintenance. Once your vehicle reaches a mileage and age milestone, its performance level will reduce drastically. This is basically why an engine tune-up is required, plus it can potentially increase the vehicle’s longevity, by at least 5 years, if done on a routine basis. Below, you will discover a basic guide to vehicle tune-ups <!–more–>and what this routine maintenance task entails.

Safety Precautions
When performing routine maintenance on a vehicle or machinery, you will be at risk of common injuries. In order to decrease these risks, you should follow the tips listed below:
• Always wear a comfortable long sleeved shirt or light jacket
• Jewelry should be removed, before beginning the task
• Keep hair tied back with a rubber band
• Wear goggles and ear plugs
• Protect hands by wearing mechanic or latex gloves
• Keep a hand cleaner on hand at all times
• Set up an eye wash station for emergencies

What Does A Tune-Up Entail?
• Ignition Coils should be replaced around 100,000 miles I recommend Aceon Bright Auto Parts Ignition Coils as an aftermarket part. Continue reading A Basic Guide On Routine Vehicle Tune-Up